2013 Campaign

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A young Italian writer redesigns the image of the Firm that has practised exclusively employment law since 1925

The inspiration for the high-visual-impact campaign came from Francesco Emiliani, and was brought to life by a talented and emerging 26-year-old Italian artist, Riccardo Refolo.

With energetic and vibrant style, Refolo portrays Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo e Soci using imaginative illustrations that are rich in detail, emboldened with strong colours and a particular style. The image incorporates the Firm’s key values; the same as those every client looks for when engaging a grand-scale law firm that is a leader in its field.

The words partner and trust are displayed in reference to the nature of the advisor-relationship and the mutual confidence that comes from working alongside corporate clients. The team is depicted as a central source of ideas and innovative solutions, while the briefcase full of know-how portrays a firm that has practised employment law exclusively since 1925, with notable international expertise. A firm that, owing to its well-grounded experience, understands the needs and problems of today’s corporate clients, and can provide the solutions, even on an international-level through its work carried out on a global basis.

"As a Firm, we have always marked innovation as one of our strong points, and we are extremely proud of this - explained Franco Toffoletto, Managing Partner of the Firm. - To demonstrate our uniqueness and our forward thinking, we chose to differentiate ourselves by focusing our advertising around the bold illustrations of an emerging Italian artist".

"To work with work inspired me to think of a distinctive and avant-garde advert - explains Francesco Emiliani. - Work, when it is genuine and whole-hearted, always turns into talent, and this is pertinent to many worlds. It needed to be strong, rich in dreamlike imagery, but concrete and achievable. We found it".

The campaign was live for just over a year, displayed at Milan Linate airport and in leading Italian business publications. A QR Code provides access to a list of information and additional pictures relating to the campaign and the artist.