2015-2016 Campaign

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Most recently, the Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo e Soci redesigned its image through an advertising campaign that has a strong visual and emotional impact.

Produced by Francesco Emiliani, the ads utilise the dreamlike images of the Polish photographer, Leszek Bujnowski, for expressing - in a new and creative way - the values that permit the Firm to approach the profession and the advice it gives from a different perspective. 

With two distinctive subjects - the Flying Ship and the Rhinoceros - the 2015 campaign gets its inspiration from two fanciful and surreal images in order to concretely convey the professionalism, skills and technological innovation of Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo e Soci; the law firm that for 90 years “works with work”. The Firm's story commenced in 1925, developing into an alliance until it evolved into its current form following the merger in 2012 between Toffoletto e Soci and the firm of Professor Raffaele De Luca Tamajo, thereby becoming the Firm known today as Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo e Soci - one of the leading national firms in employment law, industrial relations, and agency contracts, with 4 offices in Italy (Milan, Naples, Rome and Bergamo). In 2011, the Firm was also one of the founders of Ius Laboris, the largest global Alliance of law firms specialising in employment law, with 1,400 professionals and firms in 49 countries and over 160 cities worldwide.

“We have always focused on innovation. I’m not only referring to the technological structure that sets us apart, but also to our communication that has given us success throughout the years” – explained Franco Toffoletto, Managing Partner of the Firm upon the campaign's release – “With our work, we wanted to innovate the concepts of Efficiency and Experience. There are different routes for achieving an objective: the shared know-how of the Partners and the teams of the Firm, the in-depth knowledge of the market and the fiduciary relationship with clients. These are the values on which our daily work is based, and which enable us to address problems from different points of view and come up with innovative solutions for resolving them.” 

In order to highlight the concept that “This is also the meaning of work”, in the campaign’s first subject, a flying ship cuts through an infinite universe with outstretched sails, charting out new courses. The message is precise and implies the desire to offer targeted and precise advice internationally because, as demonstrated by the caption: “We follow courses mapped out by efficiency, partnership and technology.”

The second image, which depicts a rhinoceros perfectly balanced on a fragile structure of bottles connected by small ladders, highlights how obstacles that may seem difficult to overcome can be conquered in reality because “Experience achieves any objective”.

“The world of work has swiftly changed in recent years …” – commented the creative designer, Francesco Emiliani – “…and its evolution is well-illustrated by the unconventional images of Leszek Bujnowski, who offers a contemporary view that is attentive to the most avant-garde concepts. The Firm’s new campaign underlines precisely this point: that there are worlds that are imaginary but possible, as long as one is open to following new paths for achieving the objective."

Toffoletto de Luca Tamajo e Soci’s campaign is still going strong with maxi-posters displayed in Milan Linate Airport and appearances in leading Italian business publications.