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We presented our new ad campaign in September 2016. The campaign was once again by the creative designer Francesco Emiliani. Skill, expertise and original products, including digital ones, emerge from the images as responses to the demands and new needs of clients. 

“In the previous campaigns, we spoke about values on which our brand was founded: specialisation, tradition, innovation and quality. This year we decided to focus on our products and services – comments Franco Toffoletto, Managing Partner of the Firm. – In fact, our aim is to communicate to companies that we offer high quality innovative products at competitive prices, created in order to satisfy their needs, especially in a market that is becoming increasingly international and global.”

The new campaign will be split in 9 different ads. The first two ads released for the campaign’s launch focus on non-compete agreements in different jurisdictions, ready in 48 hours and valid in 48 countries, and on legal advice for privacy issues relating to digital devices: work that is characterised by a profound knowledge of the client’s business and by innovative solutions that enable the Firm to simplify the client’s complexities.  

“It is the result of the work we have done to increase the efficiency of our internal organisation, all for the benefit of our clients – continues Toffoletto. – Our international expertise enables us to assist Italian companies that want to do business on the global market. Furthermore, our clients can count on a complete package of up-to-date digital employment law tools: an App, periodic webinars, and e-books. Complete and easily accessible.”

«It was a pioneering enterprise to communicate the values of the brand – comments Francesco Emiliani. – From being known to being renowned, it’s an incredible satisfaction. Now it’s necessary to educate, to communicate the Firm’s avant-garde value in all of its products. Positioning the client and its needs at the centre of a sole design, this is how the logo expresses itself as an iconic element. It adapts itself in order to illustrate - in a concrete but also surreal fashion - the advantages of the multiple solutions offered by the Firm. A contemporary campaign that unites a visionary approach with resolute and reliable responses. From now on, innovation is manifested by one more symbol. Actually, by many more.»

The red visual translates and highlights strong points. It is also a nod to the logo of Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo e Soci, as well as that of Ius Laboris, the international Alliance, which the firm helped to found in 2001. Today, the Alliance has member firms in 53 countries. In fact, at an international level, the ad campaign speaks about comparisons between the different countries via the Law Maps™: the interactive maps created by Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo e Soci and Ius Laboris which enable comparisons to be easily made between the laws of different countries, with regard to various specific employment law topics.