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Managing the pandemic crisis within a company. Are you ready? 

The continuation of the pandemic crisis has forced governments and institutions to issue new measures for containing the risk of contagion and mitigating the economic and social effects of the pandemic. All companies are going through an extremely delicate time. The definition and the constant update of company procedures to ensure an adequate level of safety in compliance with the new laws, has now become the number one and unavoidable priority for every organisation. By taking action in compliance with health and safety regulations, companies can avoid future problems and legal disputes, not to mention that – interesting opportunities may be born from the dramatic and complex situation in which we currently find ourselves in, for example: company-level collective agreements, flexible working policies and employee welfare benefit plans.  

We’ve set up a specialised team dedicated to providing companies with efficient support for managing the Covid-19 emergency in Italy.


"Covid News" is a packet of services created by the firm, which will enable companies to manage the Covid-19 emergency in the best way possible. The product is composed of modules:

1. Occupational Health & Safety – Anti-infection protocols (factories, offices, shops)

  • Revision of anti-infection protocols and the verification of their compliance with regional and sectorial laws, as well as with instructions issued by the National Labour Inspectorate (INL)
  • Drafting/revision of procedures for the carrying out of swab or antibody tests/exams and the management of the test results, including from a data privacy point of view
  • Drafting/revision of procedures in the event a Covid-positive employee is present in the work place
  • Drafting/revision of procedures for the re-entry of the Covid-positive employee
  • Drafting/revision of agreements with trade unions regarding anti-infection protocols and assistance in trade union negotiations
  • Drafting of clauses concerning compliance with company health protocols for contracts with third parties. 

2. Revision of contract templates and drafting of individual and collective agreements and contracts 

  • Work hours and duties
    • Drafting agreements/regulations for the amendment of working hours (collective and individual agreements, start hours, regulations, reductions)
    • Drafting of agreements for amending part-time/full-time arrangements
    • Drafting/revision of flexible contracts or clauses (fixed-term contracts, temporary agency work)
    • Drafting of holiday period agreements (individual or collective)
    • Drafting of agreements for changing the duties of an employee pursuant to art. 2103 of the Italian Civil Code
    • Drafting exceptional trade union agreements pursuant to art. 8 DL 138/2011
  • “Smartworking” (remote working)
    • New policies and regulations 
    • Instructions/individual agreements, including with reference to data privacy issues
    • Protection of company data
    • Policies on employee remote monitoring pursuant to art. 4 of the Workers’ Statute
  • Drafting and revision of bonus and award schemes
  • Drafting of contracts for consultants, agents, sellers, subcontractors, and suppliers
    • Clauses concerning the suspension of work activity in case of lockdown
    • Termination clauses on force majeure grounds

3. Trade union agreements under art. 14 of the August Decree Law  (104/2020) for the reduction of personnel 

  • Assistance and support in the negotiations and drafting of agreements with trade unions 
  • Drafting of individual mutual settlement agreements and the subsequent formalisation of the same 

4. The new employee welfare benefit programmes 

  • Formulation and supervision of new surveys for verifying new needs (supervision of the formulation of questions)
  • New types of services offered and their classification for tax purposes:
    • Insurance
    • Medical (e.g. telemedicine, caretakers, rehabilitation, etc.)
    • Educational support (camps, private lessons, babysitters, mini-nurseries, etc.)
    • Remote working (“smartworking") support (e.g. purchase of goods, VPN, etc.) and their relating tax benefits
    • Psychological support
    • Reinforcement of health surveillance in the workplace
  • Trade union agreements and regulations for new employee welfare benefit programmes 
  • Revision of in-progress award schemes with new conditions (individual and collective)

5. New skills fund

As a result of the New Skills Fund, introduced in Italy by Decree Law no. 34/2020 and further financed under Decree Law 104/2020, companies can use reductions in activity levels to organise training for employees with the aim of increasing their skills and abilities or transform their professional expertise in order to fill new roles. The fund set up by ANPAL and managed by INPS pays for the hours during which employees are trained, in a similar way to the wage guarantee fund (“cassa integrazione”) and the training courses can be funded by the Interprofessional Funds. The firm is able to assist companies throughout the entire process, starting with the agreements with trade unions which have to be signed by 31/12/2020, and including the drafting of the application for financing the training hours and the agreements with the training bodies, the request, relations with the interprofessional funds and the management of the processes for requesting advances and balances. 

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Given the importance of this topic, our firm has set up a specialised task force dedicated to this emergency in order to support companies, coordinated by our partners Aldo Bottini and Paola Pucci. Should you have any questions regarding the employment law and organisational aspects of the Covid-19 emergency in Italy, as well as the instruments available to companies, please get in touch with your usual contact at the firm, or you can get in direct contact with our task force