"FLEXIT" - early retirement programmes

Flexit - Early retirement programmes

We have a dedicated and specialised team to help companies safely manage early retirement programmes, while favouring virtuous turnovers and optimising costs and benefits with complete solutions.

The last few years have seen the introduction of numerous measures, both collective and individual, which aim to allow for early access to pensions by older workers (so-called “scivoli pensionistici”), while simultaneously incentivising the integration and development of new skills, and favouring a virtuous turnover with younger employees. “Expansion contracts” (that is, “Contratti di espansione”) is the most recent of these measures, recently amended to better respond to the profound changes undergone by the labour market as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Quota 102, Opzione donna, APE, and Isopensione agreements: these are just a few of the different measures available to companies in Italy today. 
Finding the right solution for your company, while navigating through all of the different regulations in force, calculating the costs and the benefits of the different options, establishing processes, procedures and internal relations with trade union organisations are not simple things to do but are all nevertheless necessary. Companies need expertise and experience in order to do these things correctly, while limiting costs and risks, and this is exactly what our dedicated team places at your disposal. 

Our service

FLEXIT is a package of analyses, services and tools for facilitating early retirement programmes, thanks to which companies can effectively navigate through the various regulations, in order to identify, on a case-by-case basis, the most appropriate measures to take. With Flexit, companies can receive professional advice and assistance for all of the various stages of the procedures, all while avoiding conflictual situations, optimising costs and creating the best conditions for a virtuous turnover, as well as inserting new skills into the company organisation. 

We have a specialised and multidiscipline team able to provide companies with support and which you can contact for any query you may have regarding early retirement programmes (flexit@toffolettodeluca.it). 

Our firm can assist companies in: 

  • Analysing the social security status of the company’s workforce in order to identify potential candidates for participating in such programmes, comparing existing measures and carrying out a cost/benefit analysis of the different options;
  • Defining a suitable strategy to permit the early retirement of workers who are nearing retirement age by means of individual or collective measures; 
  • Providing support for individual procedures, including Isopensione agreements, APE Sociale, Expansion contracts, Opzione Donna, etc. by outlining the steps to take and the time-table to follow, preparing relevant documents, assisting in potential negotiations with trade unions and drafting collective and individual agreements. 

What does it cost?

The service is always tailor-made and is provided on the basis of a pre-fixed fee, which will largely depend on:

  • the size of the company and complexity of the business organisation;
  • the type of early retirement programme chosen;
  • the type of advice/assistance required.


For more information, please contact our dedicated team at flexit@toffolettodeluca.it.