"FLEXIT" - early retirement programmes

Flexit - Early retirement programmes
Video: a new set of tools and services for introducing early retirement programmes

Flexit - Strumenti di flessibilità in uscita

We’ve put together a team of lawyers that are able to provide companies with the necessary support for managing each stage of the processes involved in early retirement programmes

The Pension Reform of 2011 (Legge Fornero) has progressively increased the requisites needed to access old-age pension and early retirement.                                                                                                                                                                                  

To counterbalance this effect, the years that followed the reform saw the introduction of various measures, both collective and individual in nature, which aimed to allow for early access to pensions. 

Further pension measures which allow pension access/early retirement, while also promoting generational turnover, were introduced recently on an experimental basis by Decree Law n. 4/2019 (converted into law by Law n. 26/2019). 

Quota 100, Opzione Donna, APE, RITA, “Isopensione” agreements, extraordinary financing by the Bilateral Job Creation/Security Funds: these are only but a few of the different measures for bringing forward retirement that are available today, each to be applied in very distinct circumstances.  Navigating through all of the different regulations in force, understanding which one is best-fitted to each case at hand and correctly following all stages of the different procedures can be challenging.  However, the correct handling of the stages of the different processes for early retirement can yield considerable economic advantages for companies, while also benefiting individual workers. 

Our service

FLEXIT is a package of services and tools for facilitating early retirement programmes which will make it possible to effectively navigate through the different regulations, identify the most appropriate measures to take on a case-by-case basis and correctly follow all the procedural stages, while avoiding potentially conflictual situations,  to the benefit of both the company and the individual worker. 

The firm can provide companies with support by:

  • Analysing the company’s workforce in order to identify potential candidates for participating in such programmes and carrying out an estimation of the costs involved.
  • Defining a suitable strategy to permit the early retirement of workers who are nearing retirement by means of individual and collective measures.
  • Providing support for individual procedures (including the outlining of steps to take and the time-table to follow, the preparation of relevant documents, assistance in potential negotiations with trade unions and the drafting of collective and individual agreements).

What does it cost?

The service is tailored to each company and is provided based on a pre-agreed fee, which is largely determined by the size of the company and complexity of the business organisation, by the type of early retirement programme chosen, by what stages of the project the firm is asked to work on (by the level of cooperation the client is able to offer when it comes to extrapolating the data necessary for the analyses) and by other factors which will be analysed together with the client.


For further information, please get in touch with Emanuela Nespoli , partner at the firm and head of our Flexit team. 

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