Know How Protect

Know How Protect

With access to trade secrets and confidential information, employees occupy a privileged position within companies. For this reason, we’ve created Know How Protect, a consultancy product that helps companies to reduce the risk of the disclosure and loss of their trade secrets and know-how. 

How has the world of work changed in the past two years?

Following the Covid-19 pandemic, companies have, in the past two years, made both data and information available to their employees through cloud systems, having focused on ensuring the continuity of their businesses rather than the implementation of security protocols.

The current trends show that a blended way of working will increasingly become the norm in many companies. This new way of working, which has proved to be an important management tool for organising and rendering companies efficient, requires the implementation of a series of regulations, including for the protection of the company’s business

Know How Protect

How can companies protect themselves?

In order to avoid both economic and structural risks, it is necessary for companies to “know how (to) protect” in order to protect its know-how, through the pre-emptive implementation of some important measures: 

· Introduction of a specific regulation aimed at identifying the relevant documents (and, more generally, the information) that could be considered confidential;

· Introduction of a specific Art. 4 Workers’ Statute procedure that regulates the use of computing tools, including with the aim of guaranteeing a suitable employee remote monitoring policy;

· Insertion in contracts (both employment contracts and service agreements) of specific confidentiality agreements and, if necessary, even non-competition agreements especially for those parties who, by way of the role that they cover, come into contact with the company’s trade secrets. This is possible at the moment in which a contract is signed, as well as subsequently for contracts already in force;

· Assessments of processes and computing tools that allow companies to obtain an overall framework of the current level of protection and any key shortcomings.

Know How Protect: a 360° solution 

Know How Protect offers companies with specialised advice in all employment law aspects for the 360° protection of their businesses, with predetermined costs and timing, as well as a dedicated team work. 

This revolutionary product includes a variety of tools, including non-competition agreements, non-disclosure agreements, as well as other policies which help companies to identify risks, limits and connected sanctions. From start-ups to multinationals, Know How Protect allows companies to protect themselves and, at the same time, remain compliant with the relevant laws and regulations. 

The product is available to companies in three bundles: Base, Strong and Full Protection – all of which include solutions for small companies and multinationals alike, from the most classic agreements for the so-called loyalty of employees to the provision of services for monitoring, investigating and assessing software infrastructure in order to increase cyber security together with partners selected by the firm.

Service costs

This consulting service provides for a pre-fixed cost on the basis of the bundle selected by the client. Our professionals are available to help clients select the bundle most suitable for their companies’ specific needs.

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