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Our firm has created an automated contract creation platform that allows companies to create made-to-measure contracts simply by responding to a questionnaire. 

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The firm’s Automated Contract Creation Platform was not only shortlisted at the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Awards Europe, but was also recognised in the Financial Times Innovative Lawyers Report Europe 2018 . In particular, the platform was “Highly commended” in the Business of Law - New products & services category and “Commended” in the Business of Law – Technology category. The firm was also recognised among the Top 50 Most Innovative Law Firms in Europe .

The platform, which can be personalised to the company with a tailored layout and corporate logo, can be accessed on any internet browser, through which any type of contract can be generated (employment contracts, commercial agency agreements, service contracts, licensing agreements, distribution agreements, etc.). 

The contracts are:

  • drafted in line with company graphic and page layout standards;

  • drafted in one or two languages;

  • made available in a non-amendable PDF format in order to guarantee its quality;

  • updated periodically, taking account of any statutory and/or case law changes;

  • provided on an annual subscription basis, which includes updates. 

The contracts that have been created can be stored on a database, making it easy to find them at any time, and the platform can be integrated with a company's management software.

The user begins by responding to a short questionnaire, then the system generates a contract on the basis of the responses given to each individual question. There is a variety of contractual options to choose from, meaning that many different types of contracts - even more complex varieties - can be created by the platform, which in turn prevents the unregulated insertion of contradictory or unreviewed clauses. 


The service significantly increases the company’s efficiency and its control over the quality, validity and consistency of its contracts.

The system does not contain templates. Instead, contracts are created by means of an interview which generates - in less than 10 minutes - the correct contract for the case at hand. As the contracts are only generated as a non-amendable PDF file, this assures the person who has to sign the contract that the document they are signing is the approved and up-to-date model.

To find out more about how the platform works, contact our team of lawyers dedicated to our automated contract creation service. 

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For further information, please contact the firm's team dedicated to our Automated Contract service. 

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