Continuing education course: what's changed since Art. 18

Continuing education course: what's changed since Art. 18
30 May 2016

As part of a Continuing education programme at the Higher Education School for Judges, Prof. Raffaele De Luca Tamajo, Senior Parter of the Firm and Aldo Bottini, a Partner at the Firm, will be speakers at the first installment of the course “From Art. 18 of the Workers’ Statute to increasing protections contracts”. 

In particular, Aldo Bottini will today speak on the topic of dismissal for justified objective reason, while tomorrow 31st May, Prof. De Luca Tamajo will speak on dismissal for disciplinary reasons. 

The course is for judges and aims to explore whether their legal stance on the new text of Art. 18 has stabilised, as well as the influence that such stance may have on the interpretation of increasing protections contracts, which today still calls for a reasonable balance to be struck between the grounds for job protection and the recognition of the employer’s “private power”.