Diversity as a company value – The Firm takes centre stage at the BCCI event in Milan

08 Mar 2017

Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo e Soci will participate in the event “When social responsibility is driven by business objectives”, which forms part of a series of conferences entitled “ Diversity is Key ”, organised by the British Chamber of Commerce for Italy and UPS. The Diversity is Key project aims to raise awareness amongst businesses of diversity and inclusion issues in order to encourage the development of a company culture.

The event – taking place today at Palazzo Marino in Milan - aims to delve deeper into gender and sexual orientation in particular, highlighting how diversity can bring concrete benefits to companies in terms of competitiveness and results, focusing on human resources and promoting an inclusive gender culture.

“The aim of the project is to start a dialogue on a topic which has almost already been overcome in the United States – states Donatella Cungi, Partner at the Firm, BCCI Councillor and Head of the BCCI Diversity Committee – In addition to the ethical issue of inclusion, managing, knowing and getting the most out of diversity enriches companies, which gain an economic and reputational advantage.  However, this must all be done with the advice of experts, especially employment lawyers, who help top managers to embark on this journey.”

Due to take part in the round table moderated by Donatella are: Bettina Gehrke, Professor of the SDA Bocconi Diversity Management Lab; Alessandra Lazazzara, Senior consultant of Wise Growth; Jackie M. Briggs, Supporter of Families Together London; Aldo Palumbo, Partner at the Firm.  

The debate will revolve around concrete cases and solutions in order to demonstrate how diversity is an asset that companies can and must draw from to create value and innovation.