Due nuovi partner per Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo - Lo studio promuove gli avvocati Ornella Patané e Marco Sideri

Firm news
30 Jan 2019

Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo - the largest Italian law firm specialising in providing companies with employment and labour law assistance - have named two new partners: Ornella Patanè and Marco Sideri

Both have been promoted to partner after progressing within the firm, taking on increasingly prominent roles in client relations, as well as within the firm and the international alliance Ius Laboris.

“Leadership, commercial and organisational capabilities and an ability to manage clients, these are the skills that we ask of our partners. As the English say, they must be a strong firm citizen” - commented Franco Toffoletto , Managing Partner of Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo. “We are very proud of these new appointments and of Ornella's and Marco’s progress within the firm. They’ve known how to face the challenges posed by an ever changing sector, that of employment law, and we are certain that they will contribute significantly to the firm’s future.”

Ornella Patanè joined Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo in 2000 as an intern following a masters degree in  international law at the University of Trento. While at the firm, she has also worked for periods of time at other member law firms of Ius Laboris, such as Claeys & Engels in Brussels and Lewis Silkin in London. She has always worked with Franco Toffoletto and has gained extensive experience in interpreting the needs of clients. In fact, for many of them, she has become an important point of reference in the daily and strategic management of human resources. She works side by side with important corporate clients on delicate and complex matters, including stock option plans for employees with the aim of creating value for the company, and the negotiation of complex contracts for the hiring of high-level executives and severance packages for the same. She is part of the firm’s automated contract creation platform team, managing the implementation of the platform for an important client of the firm. 

Marco Sideri joined Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo in 2007. He has gained national and international employment law experience, having worked for a period at the law firm Lewis Silkin in London, the UK member firm of the Ius Laboris alliance. He has always worked with fellow partner Paola Pucci, and is part of the firm’s teams specialised in GDPR and data privacy, as well as long distance employee monitoring. Marco is a point of reference for clients for both contentious and non contentious work. He is often involved in training and lecturing, taking part in conferences and master courses as a featured speaker, and has been an accredited freelance journalist since 2005. 

The firm continues to grow, having closed 2018 with a revenue of just above € 20 million (+3% in comparison with 2017), thanks to the increased efficiency brought about by the firm’s new legal practice management system and the reorganisation process from which it derived. Following these promotions and the opening of a 5th office in Brescia at the beginning of the year, as well as the appointment of Flaminio Valseriati as partner, the firm is now composed of 19 partners and 95 lawyers and staff.