Industrial Relations in Italy

18 May 2015

Professor Raffaele De Luca Tamajo on the Fiat-Pomigliano case for the Ruling Companies

Professor Raffaele De Luca Tamajo, Senior Partner at Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo e Soci, will participate in the conference “The future of industrial relations in Italy” which is organised by The Ruling Companies and will take place tomorrow 13th May 2015 in Milan.
The agreement signed between Fiat and the trade unions (except for Fiom) on 16th June 2010 in relation to the Pomigliano factory will form the main subject of the debate. Professor De Luca Tamajo - who is still up to now a member of the company’s legal board - worked on this matter. The Pomigliano factory matter was a landmark case destined to create precedence and also decisively contributed to increasing the value of the process taking industrial relations in Italy to company-level.
In fact, what happened demonstrated the positive effects of increasing the value of company-level contracts. In this case, the factory did not only avoid having to close down, but was also given four international awards for its new levels of organisation and innovation.
The conference will also see the participation of Paolo Rebaudengo, the Head of Industrial Relations of the Fiat group, who worked on the entire matter, as well as the contributions of Luigi Angeletti, former Secretary General of the UIL; Gustavo Bracco, Senior Advisor - Human Resources of Pirelli and Carlo Dell’Aringa, PD Deputy and professor in economic policies at the Cattolica University.