L’innovazione negli studi legali Premio Professionista Digitale 2016/17 per la categoria Avvocati

L’innovazione negli studi legali Premio Professionista Digitale 2016/17 per la categoria Avvocati
20 Apr 2017

La best practice di Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo e Soci all’Osservatorio del PoliMi

Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo e Soci, the law firm specialised in employment and labour law for employers and agreements with commercial agents, was awarded the Professionista Digitale 2016/17 Award («Digital Professional Award») in the Law Firm category by the Digital Innovation Observatory of Politecnico University in Milan .

The recognition, which is dedicated to law firms that have distinguished themselves for their innovative capabilities relating to organisation and business through the use of digital technologies, was awarded at the confernece entitled "PROFESSIONISTI X.0 … A CIASCUNO IL SUO!", organised yesterday by the Osservatory. During the event and, more specifically, the roundtable entitled "Great stories to tell", Franco Toffoletto, Managing Partner of the Firm, told the audience about the firm's best practice in digitalisation, which is unique in the Italian legal field.  

«Above all, innovation is semplification - stated Franco Toffoletto. - And part of our innovation comes from our technological approach which we've always had: investing in tecnology for us means investing in efficiency which then translates into better quality and quicker work for our clients. Tecnology is a decisive aspect, it requires profound cultural and organisational change in every business, including those operating in the legal sector». 

As part of the firm's path to innovation, which saw the complete overhaul of all of the firm's internal regulations and processes, the firm designed and developed a completely new piece of software able to support allf of these changes and future developments. Together with NCTM, Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo e Soci created iLex, a legal practice and case management system which provides the most useful tools and that, in just one year, has determined a significant reduction in executive work. A change that has translated into a considerable saving in terms of time and finance, which has proved useful for reinvestment in projects managed by the firm's Research & Development Centre which was opened at the Naples office in 2016. 

Digital employment law products dedicated to our clients 

Apart from the realisation of iLex and its integration with the firm's existing Knowledge Management system, the path, which began at a time when robots and artificial intelligence in law firms wasn't even spoken about, brought about the creation of other digital products for our clients: from the more classic firm App and webinars for staying up-to-date on new legislation, and some actual work tools such as the Law Maps™ and the firm's e-books.  

«New technologies have been influencing the world for more than 40 years and they will continue to change it at an increasingly rapid rate -  continued Toffoletto. - The legal profession has already profoundly changed and will inevitably be completely redesigned. The work of lawyers and law firms will not cease to exist, what will change is the approach to work and the skills that are necessary for the profession. We must be more competent, specialised and, why not? More creative».