National Conference of the National Centre of Employment Law Studies

08 May 2015

Professor Raffaele De Luca Tamajo on the relationship between the Law and Collective Barganing Contract


Professor Raffaele De Luca Tamajo, Senior Partner at Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo e Soci and Dean at Federico II di Napoli University, will participate at the national conference «The protection of employment within the legislative framework of the Jobs Act», organised by the Domenico Napoletano National Centre of Employment Law Studies, which will be held from 8th to 9th May 2015 in Matera


On the first day of the event, the Professor will speak during the session entitled «First session: law and the collective bargaining contract», which is dedicated to discussing the new employment legislation and will particularly examine the possibility of either the integration of or the deviation from the laws by collective bargaining contracts.