14 Apr 2016

Partners Valeria Morosini and Donatella Cungi to speak on Global pay and benefits and Employment quotas for minorities


Valeria Morosini and Donatella Cungi, partners of the law firm Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo e Soci, will participate in the International Bar Association's annual conference, which will take place in Mexico City on 14th and 15th April 2016 

Valeria Morosini, Officer of the IBA Discrimination and Equality Law Committee will be the moderator of the session "Global pay and benefits during a time of increased financial accountability and growing income inequality", in which the recent global trends relating to compensation policies will be examined. The session in which she will be moderator will also see panel speakers from the main financial hubs of the world: London, New York, Zurich, Tokyo and Mexico City. The concrete experiences and the solutions adopted by employers in different legislative and regulatory contexts will be discussed, in order to address the new limitations applied to the salaries of top management, particularly in the financial sector. 

Donatella Cungi will instead be part of the panel speakers during the session entitled "Employment quotas for minorities (and majorities) – are they the right way to solve discrimination and succeed with affirmative action?", in which the gender quota practices implemented by different countries in order to favour the inclusion of women in company boards will be examined, in addition to the effectiveness of such instruments and the potential application to other forms of minorities, such as  gender or disability discrimination.

"We are living in a very intense and fast moving time of change - comments Donatella - especially in the world of work. The time will arrive when executives will be simply evaluated without regard to if they are women or men. For now, despite my initial reluctancy, I must admit that forcing the system by setting a gender quota has produced results: people have begun to work together, appreciating each other for their respective skills and thus, creating a virtuous circle." The comparison on this topic will involve more than 15 countries, in demonstration of the fact that the issue is a very current one around the world.

The IBA Annual Employment and Discrimination Law Conference 2016 will be sponsored, among others, by Ius Laboris, the Global Alliance of employment law specialists, which Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo e Soci contributed to founding in 2001, and which today has over 1,400 lawyers in 49 countries and over 160 cities in the world.