Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo e Soci - Border-crossing staff and International LGBTI rights

22 Sep 2016

Valeria Morosini and Aldo Palumbo will speak at the International Bar Association’s Annual Conference

Valeria Morosini and Aldo Palumbo, Partners of the law firm Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo e Soci will speak at the International Bar Association’s Annual Conference taking place in Washington DC until Friday 23rd September.

Valeria Morosini, Officer of the International Bar Association (IBA) Discrimination and Equality Law Committee, will today moderate the session entitled «Whose discrimination laws reach border-crossing staff? Choice of law, discrimination claims, expatriates, international secondees and ‘peripatetic’ staff», in which the problems connected to internationally seconded workers will be discussed, especially in case of litigation. The international panel, guided by Valeria Morosini, will examine the concrete cases that may arise, including with regard to the laws applicable to the international employment relationship, as well as with regard to the competent judge for presiding a court case, should one arise.

«The issue is extremely interesting but very technical. This session presented a challenge in one respect, in terms of finding a format which allowed us to highlight certain topics that are very important and which employers cannot ignore up until they plan an international secondment, and, in another respect, in terms of providing the audience with an opportunity to benefit from the experience of lawyers and of General Counsel of multinational companies, coming from all over the world and who are specialised in this area. In fact, the complexity of this area of law requires more than other areas: in addition to knowledge of local, EU and international laws, it also requires a high level of awareness as to the difficulties which may arise in practice».

Aldo Palumbo will instead be one of the speakers of the session entitled «LGBTI discrimination in the workplace: the state of the law and best practices for multinational companies», set to take place in the afternoon. The participants will debate the legislative instruments aimed at overcoming discrimination of LGBTI workers and the best practices of each of the countries with regard to some specific issues that are still largely left unregulated, such as paternity leave and gender transition guidelines.