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Toffoletto De Luca Tamajo e Soci is one of the leading law firms specialising in employment and labour law, both in Italy and beyond. 
Our Firm has created a structured internal training programme and appraisal system for the preparation of our trainees and lawyers, for the purpose of keeping their knowledge up-to-date, shared and consistent.
Our Firm’s lawyers also participate in secondment programmes at our Clients' offices and at other Ius Laboris member law firms, as well as in courses provided by Ius Laboris Univeristy (Project Management, Legal Knowledge and Marketing Skills).
We favour candidates with the following qualifications:  
- strong high school grades 
- a university degree with a grade no lower than 100
- disertation in employment law
- ability to speak English to at least a C1 level and, possibly, a second language
- experience abroad 

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