Flaminio Valseriati

Flaminio Valseriati


Italian - French - Spanish - English


  • 1966: Law Degree, University of Padova;
  • 1971: Admitted to the Italian Bar. Awarded the Zanardelli Award for his law exam results, as the best attorney of the Brescia Distrct’s Court of Appeal; 
  • 1987: Rights of audience in the Italian Supreme Court.

Practice Areas

  • Civil Law;
  • Employment Law;
  • Commercial Agency Agreements; 
  • Contracts; 
  • Commercial Law; 
  • Bankruptcy Law;
  • Family Law.

Publications and Lecturing

Flaminio is the author of several articles and publications published by specialised legal publications, and often speaks at conferences and training courses. For 15 years he was a professor at the Brescian College of Accountants, where he taught Civil Procedural Law as part of qualification courses.  


  • Member of several international legal associations;
  • Former legal expert of the Provincial Council of Quarries;
  • Former Councillor of the Brescia chapter of the Italian Automobile Club;
  • Former Administrative Councillor or Preident of over thirthy Cultural, Musical or Sporting Associations;
  • Former Councillor (ten years) of the Brescian Theatrical Centre;
  • Member of the Lions Club International since 1973, former Councillor, Vice Governor and President of the Club;
  • Member of the Panathlon Club International since 1986, former Councillor and President of the Club’s Brescian Chapter;
  • Member and Master of Ceremonies of the A.E.R.E.C. (European Academy for Economic Cultural Relations) of Rome;
  • Commander of Merit and Knight of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George.

Extracurricular activities 

Flaminio has many eclectic interests. He’s written articles for magazines specialising in sport and music and has held conferences and seminars on the art of communication, as well as training courses.

As a musician and a scholar of music, he has played with artists such as Gianni Morandi, Fausto Leali, Joe Venuti, Enghel Gualdi, Tony Scott, etc. 

He’s a long-time collector of string instruments, and in fact possesses an important collection currently composed, of 1,024 musical instruments from all over the world. He gives music and guitar lessons to the inmates of the Brescia District Prison and volunteers for many charities. He provides support for an Orphanage that homes approximately 200 children in Kontum, Vietnam, which he often visits. 

Flaminio is an avid enthusiast of the Italian language and Brescian dialect, and is an extemporary poet. He wrote “Dante Bresciano”, a translation from Italian to Brescian of some of the Divine Comedy’s cantos and 40 of the most classic poems from the 1200’s to 1900’s. 

Flaminio is an expert in classic cars and has written numerous articles for sports magazines. He has participated in numerous races and car competitions for classic cars and has won at the Italiano Assoluto di regolarità Championships, two Mille Miglia races, a championship for speed in around 100 rallies, receiving career awards. Flaminio is a passionate collector of Sporty Classic Cards, with the prize car being a Mercedes 300 SL Ali di Gabbiano, which was deemed by an International Commission as “one of the 18 most beautiful cars of all time”, published in national and international magazines. Although he has recently retired from races, he is still very much involved in the world of classic cars, and is often invited on television shows to speak about the subject. In 2015 the crew of an important Chinese TV network filmed a film on the Mille Miglia, in which Flaminio was involved as an advisor and lead in the programme. 

Flaminio has explored more than three quarters of the world and is open to all new cultural experiences.