Ornella Patané

Ornella Patané


Italian - English


  • 1999: Law degree, University of Catania; 
  • 2000: Master in European and International law, University of Trento;
  • 2003: Admitted to the Italian Bar;
  • 2016: Rights of audience in the Italian Supreme Court.

Practice Areas

  • Employment law;
  • Industrial relations;
  • Commercial agency agreements;
  • Litigation;
  • Long-distance employee monitoring; 
  • Employment contracts with high-level executives;
  • Automated contract creation platform.

Publications and lecturing

Ornella has spoken at several seminars for clients; she writes for various publications on issues relating to employment law and commercial agency agreements, by way of example: "PLC - Practical Law Employment and Employee Benefits in Italy"


  • Member of the Italian Employment Lawyers Association (AGI, Avvocati Giuslavoristi Italiani - www.giuslavoristi.it);
  • Member of the EELA (European Employment Lawyers Association - www.eela.org);
  • Member of the IBA (International Bar Association -  www.ibanet.org ).