Pubblicazioni internazionali

Pubblicazioni internazionali

  • 2012 - European Lawyer Reference Series - Employment and Labour Law

    European Lawyer Reference Series - Employment and Labour Law - 4th Edition

    Guida multigiurisdizionale 

    A cura di: Avv. Franco Toffoletto

    “Many changes are affecting labour markets, not least the global financial crisis, rising retirement ages and high youth unemployment. At the same time the need to work globally and to be mobile is increasing. Almost 60 per cent of organisations have multinational workforces, made up of at least six different nationalities, with no single country dominating.

    Looking forward, research by PricewaterhouseCoopers suggests that overall numbers of global workers will rise 50 per cent by 2020. As a result, businesses and individuals have a heightened requirement for employment law advice that takes into account these and other changes."

    Now in its fourth comparative edition, with its ease of access and template style, Employment & Labour Law provides an essential tool for employment law advisers.

  • 2010 - European Lawyer Reference Series - Employment and Labour Law

    European Lawyer Reference Series - Employment and Labour Law Third Edition

    Guida multigiurisdizionale

    A cura di: Franco Toffoletto

    "In an increasingly complex global environment, companies are faced with a myriad of cross-border human resource problems. From the impact of the economic dowrturn on business to the rapid growth of jurisdiction such as Brazil, Russia, China and India, companies need premium information to respond to his rapidly evolving landscape.

    The third edition of Employment and Labour law provides a concise and accessible guide for practitioners and legal departments and human resources professionals.

    Edited by employment law expert Dame Janet Gaymer, DBE, QC (Hon), Commissioner for Public Appointments in England and Wales, with contributions from the leading employment lawyers in every relevant jurisdiction, this book is a must-have for any company dealing with employment issues around the world."